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700HDSlogDatabase/IOPublicFeb 12th 2024 10:05 AM
ReporterTravis Herzog Assigned ToTravis Herzog  
Priority HighSeverityFeatureReproducibilityN/A
Status AssignedResolutionOpen 
PlatformWin32NTOSWindowsOS Version10
Target Version1.24.0 
Summary700: Add NLog and NLog.Windows.Forms libraries for better logging
DescriptionAdd the NuGet packages NLog and NLog.Windows.Forms to the project for better logging support and multiple logging features.
Additional InformationNLog allows for logging to multiple targets, such as the console, a file, message boxes, rich text boxes, tool strip items, email, ftp and even remote log viewers. This should massively assist with debugging, since all applications can log to the same location, it should be much easier to tell exactly what a user was doing. Also, since it supports remote viewers, you can remotely debug a user's session with a config file swap. Initial configuration is done with a config file, so it can be customized depending on the user's needs. Configuration can also be updated programmatically, so UI can be added to change settings. NLog also automatically provides automatic archiving that can be easily customized, which prevents log files from getting too large.
TagsDatabase/IO, Enhancement, Feature, Logging
Installation TypeWorkstation


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