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1873Cross SectionUser InterfacePublicJul 15th 2024 1:42 PM
ReporterTravis Herzog Assigned ToTravis Herzog  
Priority UrgentSeverityCrashReproducibilityAlways
Status ReleasedResolutionFixed 
ProjectionTrivialETAAround 1 Day 
PlatformWin32NTOSWindowsOS Version10
Product Version1.23.0.6 
Target Version1.23.1.0Fixed in Version1.23.1.0 
Summary1873: The inner window crashes when the application is launched
DescriptionThe inner Cross Section window crashes when the application is launched, and is not visible. This is because the inner window is loaded before the Log Plot registry settings have been loaded.

Exception Info: System.NullReferenceException
   at CrossSection.CrossSectionWindow.CheckBatchJob()
   at CrossSection.CrossSectionWindow.InitializePlot()
   at CrossSection.CrossSectionWindow..ctor(CrossSection.frmMain ByRef)
   at CrossSection.frmMain..ctor()
TagsBug, Crash, Exception, Registry, Regression, User Interface
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Travis Herzog

Travis Herzog

Jul 1st 2024 8:04 AM

Administrator   ~395

A resolution for this issue has been committed with revision '3574186b6885072ffc543d2185dfabcc71e7d1bb' to branch 'master' in repository 'CrossSection' with changeset ID '30195' at 2024-06-30T05:15:47+00:00.